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Nature encounters

The Riverine Rovers of Silvermine Wetlands hold snake education morning led by Grant Smith of the Cape Snake Conservation Group

The Riverine Rovers, who look after the Silvermine Wetlands, recently held a snake education morning for the Working for Water team that works here, and for the River Monitors of the Wetlands and the Sun Valley Eco Watch.

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Delightful images of Common Fiscal Shrike chick and juvenile Double Collared Sunbird at Silvermine Wetlands, Fish Hoek

Beautiful images of young birds at the Silvermine Wetlands taken by Evanne Rothwell.

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Amaryllis belladonna or March Lily: the Silvermine River Wetlands Flower of the Month for March

Amaryllis belladonna - or Belladonna Lily - is a bulbous geophyte, native to the Western Cape and flowering from February to April.

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Invasive wasps – European paper wasp and German wasp or yellow-jacket – help the City monitor their spread

Two highly invasive wasp species are expanding their range throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape. The City and its partners are calling on the public to help identify and report new colonies.

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Lower Silvermine River Wetlands: Flower of the Month February 2014 – CYPERACEAE

The Lower Silvermine River Wetlands' Flower of the Month for February 2014 is actually a sedge rather than a flower

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Images of sharks and kayakers sharing the placid waters of False Bay this week

False Bay is clear and calm and balmy at the moment, drawing many water users into and onto it. Jean Tresfon took these photos of the sharks that have been frequenting the shores too - as calm as theRead more

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