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Giants are Real and they Need our Help

World Elephant Day was this week, on the 12th of August. This commemorative day is a fairly new one, only being established in 2012, and that’s probably why you didn’t know about it. However, it’s a day that weRead more

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Water restrictions

The City of Cape Town has implemented Level 2 water restrictions, effective from 1 January 2016 until further notice.   As we are situated in a water-scarce region, the City imposes Level 1 restrictions (10% water savings) at all times.Read more

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Water Saving Tips

  Save water throughout your home Ensure all taps are fully closed – a dripping tap at 1 drip per second wastes up to 30 litres a day – that is equivalent to 10 000 litres a year. ReplaceRead more

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Honey Badger Sighting

  Here is another exciting story from our inbox.   “Hi all, I wanted to pass along what I understand to be a very exciting “discovery” in Silvermine Valley.  We captured a honey badger a few days ago, althoughRead more

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Paris Climate Change Makes Headway

  From the amazing people at Avaaz, have sent us this and we think it just needs to be shared all over ….   “Dear amazing Avaaz community, World leaders at the UN climate talks have just set aRead more

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How does the Paris attacks impact the Climate Change Summit?

Scenic South recently received this emai lfrom Paypal,  about how the Paris attacks impact on the Climate Change Summit.This is something we all need to act upon. “Friends, Yesterday, we got some disappointing news. Citing security concerns, the FrenchRead more

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