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The Mazula Revolution

Writing about rock is personal, one can think up harsh metaphors to describe harsh chords and harsh voice-strains. Writing about Hip-Hop is easy, one can quote lyrics for shock value and analyse rhyme schemes that validate rap for theRead more

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Photographing the Scenic South

Bev Simpson Hurst – Photographer  By Janis Theron If you click on the Facebook page called Cape Town’s Deep South, you may never want to leave it. For here you will find unforgettable images that reflect the environment ofRead more

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Who is that ‘Cell-Phone guy” who gets his pics on Billboards?

I could look at great photographs all day if time allowed so it’s not unusual to find me browsing through Facebook, stalking all the photographer groups. It was through fabulous photographer Gale McCall that I was introduced to  Brian vanRead more

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Andrea Nixon – wholehearted photographer from Muizenberg (Andy Nix Pix)

It’s for this reason that I’m drawn to deliberately noticing the wonderful in everyday life, creating images to convey that sense of wonder in the ordinary, whether it's the intricate mix of light and shadow ...

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Baardskeerdersbos, a tiny hamlet with a great art route

Baardskeerdersbos. An intriguing hamlet with "five liquor licences, a church ....and no coffee shop!", home to an eclectic mix of creative newcomers and more conservative older residents...

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Ceramicist Katherine Glenday presents “This Personal, and this Particular” at her studio in Kalk Bay

Porcelain artist, Katherine Glenday will turn her living and working space in Windsor Rd in Kalk Bay into an entire installation called, “This Personal, and this Particular”, a retrospective, somewhat philosophical, and entirely domestic celebration.

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