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Our Artists

Nic Bladen and Jane Eppel, acclaimed artists from Clovelly

Artists Nic Bladen and Jane Eppel live and work in Clovelly at The Homestead, a 250-year old national monument on Montrose Avenue which was once the original farmhouse of the Valley.  Both Nic and Jane draw inspiration from theRead more

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Lyn Whittle, versatile artist from Muizenberg

She has works in major collections around the country, in a variety of media. Four Solo exhibitions showed a diverse body of work, mostly in mixed media. Many group exhibitions have seen herRead more

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Solo Exhibition by Gerald Tabata at Casa Labia August 2012

As part of Casa Labia Cultural Centre's Artreach programme, which selects an artist and sponsors their first solo exhibition, Casa Labia will be presenting the work of Cape Peninsula born and bred artist Gerald Tabata.

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Peter Clarke on Ocean View and Forced Removals

While speaking to Peter Clarke, world-renowned artist from Ocean View, we discussed the inspiration for his paintings Coming from the Creche and Waar is julle nou?and this led to a discussion of Ocean View and the forced removals broughtRead more

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Interview with Peter Clarke, world renowned artist and writer from Ocean View

What a privilege it was to meet Peter Clarke the Man...a delightful, extremely talented 82 year old with a zest for life and a remarkable lack of bitterness (despite the unfairness with which he and his people have beenRead more

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Jaap Pieterse, sculptor and furniture maker

Intrigued by the delightful wooden fisherman that miraculously appeared at the end of the Kalk Bay harbour pier in October last year, Kim did some sleuthing work to find the creator of this magnificent piece and so itRead more

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