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Nature encounters

Stanford Birding Outing to Uilenskraal Estuary and Wolvengat May 2014

We started off at the Uilenskraal Estuary then drove along Waterford Road which runs along the ridge above Pearly Beach through the Agulhas NP to Wolvengat.

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Malachite Sunbirds, White Eyes and Weavers in a Kommetjie garden

I never get tired of Ollie Smith's unusual birdfeeder and the wild birds he attracts to his Kommetjie garden.

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Stanford in the Overberg is a birdwatcher’s paradise

On an early morning amble around Stanford, enjoying the sights and sounds of our new home village, we found the door to the William Appel Dam Bird Hide open and made the acquaintance of Richard Masson, avid birder andRead more

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A Boomslang in our Luggage

A boomslang, tired of being a city slitherer and opting for a quieter life in the country, stowed away in a small piece of shade netting and hitched a ride ...

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Exquisite dawn skies over Stanford in the Overberg 7 April

Monday dawned over Stanford with glorious brushstrokes of colour. I am so glad I was awake!        

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The Riverine Rovers of Silvermine Wetlands hold snake education morning led by Grant Smith of the Cape Snake Conservation Group

The Riverine Rovers, who look after the Silvermine Wetlands, recently held a snake education morning for the Working for Water team that works here, and for the River Monitors of the Wetlands and the Sun Valley Eco Watch.

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