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Nature encounters

Young Hottentot Teals at Silvermine Wetlands – have you seen them?

Three young Hottentot Teals were released into the 1st gabion pond at the Silvermine Wetlands – 2 males and a female.  The female is ringed.  1 male and the female took off like rockets into the reeds, while 1 littleRead more

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Tiger Moth (Asota speciosa) in Fish Hoek

This beautiful moth, a Tiger Moth (Asota speciosa), caught my attention on the wall of our house in Fish Hoek.

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Image of Velvet Spider dragged as prey by Spider Wasp in Fish Hoek

I was fascinated by a wasp dragging a dead-looking spider larger than itself towards what looked like a nest at our home in Fish Hoek.

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A moonlight hike up Elsies Peak, Fish Hoek

To hike up Elsies Peak in Fish Hoek at full moon is such an exhilarating way to spend an evening. I took these photos last Thurs, 16 Jan from the beacon at the top of the mountain:    Read more

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Northern Giant Petrel rescued by SANCCOB volunteers at Danger Beach, St James

In almost exactly 3 years this Northern Giant Petrel had covered 2,268.68 Km!

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Owlfly rescued at Silvermine Wetlands

"I rescued this fluffy little owlfly from a plastic bag. I called him a cross dresser as he looks like a combination of a dragonfly and a moth."

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