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Nature encounters

Not just another lemon tree!

One is not just another lemon tree but a somewhat quirky lemon tree producing a 'piesang' lemon and a 'mongrelseal' lemon ...

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A pelagic bird outing from Hout Bay, by Richard Masson

What a spectacle. It was pandemonium. There was a melee of hundreds of birds right alongside us feverishly scrapping over the fish.

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Foraging for pine ring mushrooms, also known as saffron milk cap and Lactarius deliciosus

And then we found them. Nestled in between some wild Centella asiatica, a couple of beautiful orange caps were winking at us.

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Partially leucistic Cape Bulbul photographed in Stanford in the Overberg

I was intrigued by an unusual Cape Bulbul I saw feeding with a variety of birds on some rusk crumbs that I had thrown out into our garden ...

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Birds Nesting in our Stanford Garden – by Richard Masson

Richard Masson writes about the birds nesting in his garden in Stanford village in the Overberg, illustrating the text with his beautiful photographs.

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What should you do if you find a stranded turtle on the beach?

Juvenile leatherback and loggerhead turtles often wash up on our beaches at this time of the year....

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