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Our Writers

Masiphumelele’s Mbu Maloni published author

Mbu’s story is the story of countless other young men and women in South Africa, born into similar situations of hardship, growing up abandoned or neglected by parents themselves in need of parenting. What makes his story different isRead more

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Fish Hoek author Tracey Farren publishes “Snake”

As a writer, I am glad to have written a scary story that offers a child’s fresh understanding of the human spirit, all the more powerful for being painfully wrought.

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Michael Walker of St James, writer and historian

His interest in ships grew and it was the sinking of his ship while on leave that aroused his interest in shipwrecks, the theme of three of his books. The SA Seafarer sank at Moullie Point on 1 JulyRead more

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Creative and vivacious Effie Joffe – a multi-talented woman

Spending time with vibrant and talented artist and writer Effie Joffe of Fish Hoek was inspirational. A very young  81yr old, both in looks and vitality, Effie’s warmth and humour made for lively and easy conversation. A distinguished sculptor,Read more

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Neoklis Pnematicatos – A legend in his own lifetime

My life has not been dominated solely by Greek experiences. I am someone who needs to live in a community where I know people and they know me. In that respect Fish Hoek has been very goodRead more

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Clive Myburgh- young Science Fiction writer from Fish Hoek

Clive Myburgh is a young writer from Fish Hoek whose love for science fiction and fantasy novels inspired him to write a novel of his own. Although his interest in books and reading developed during his high school years,Read more

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