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Coffee with Gus Ferguson, poet and cartoonist, in Fish Hoek

Together with 93 year old Lewis Watling, Gus Ferguson entertained the audience at the Fish Hoek’ s March Literary Tea with his humorous verse and charming poems. I had the pleasure of chatting to him over a cup ofRead more

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Poet Ingrid de Kok of Kalk Bay at Fish Hoek Library Literary Tea

With five poetry collections published, her work presented at international festivals and translated into nine languages including Japanese, Turkish and Swedish, Ingrid de Kok of Kalk Bay is one of South Africa’s best known and widely loved poets.

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Tim Butcher speaks of his journeys through the Congo and West Africa at Fish Hoek Library

“These journeys have changed my life, “Tim concluded. “I have a greater feel for the magnetism of the great open space of Africa, of its intangible power. One can sense it. I am wondering when the spirit to surviveRead more

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Watching Whales & Dolphins a new book by Scenic South Locals

Southern Africa has great whale and dolphin watching opportunities and over half of the world’s species in our waters. New book by Noel and Belinda Ashton is an essential guide.

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Peter Clarke on Ocean View and Forced Removals

While speaking to Peter Clarke, world-renowned artist from Ocean View, we discussed the inspiration for his paintings Coming from the Creche and Waar is julle nou?and this led to a discussion of Ocean View and the forced removals broughtRead more

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Interview with Peter Clarke, world renowned artist and writer from Ocean View

What a privilege it was to meet Peter Clarke the Man...a delightful, extremely talented 82 year old with a zest for life and a remarkable lack of bitterness (despite the unfairness with which he and his people have beenRead more

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