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Organic Gardening

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Growing vegetables and herbs Elementally Organically – 1 day practical workshop

The workshop will be intensely practical and fun, teaching you how to start and grow your own vegetable garden covering soil preparation, composting, planning your garden, companion planting ,propagation, seeds and seedlings.

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Owlfly rescued at Silvermine Wetlands

"I rescued this fluffy little owlfly from a plastic bag. I called him a cross dresser as he looks like a combination of a dragonfly and a moth."

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A foraging feast at Good Hope Nursery with edible indigenous plants and weeds

Foraging for a fabulous meal of fynbos and garden greens and flowers at the Good Hope Nursery on Saturday was a novel experience for my hubby and me and a group of our friends. Under the expert guidance ofRead more

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Spring weeds in the garden and for your lunch by Roushanna Gray of Good Hope Nursery

This Spring Greens Soup is so delicious I could have licked the bowl!

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Eriocephalus africanus – Wild rosemary, Cape snowbush, Kapokbos

Wild rosemary is a pretty and useful indigenous shrub that should have a place in your indigenous garden!

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Arbor Week activities at Kirstenbosch Gardens 1 – 6 September 2013

From Sunday 1 September to Saturday 6 September the first 100 visitors to the Garden each day will receive a FREE Silver Tree sapling.

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