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Organic Gardening

Flash Mob Farmer Market this Friday with Green Guerrillas

Our food is grown with bio-dynamic principles, working with nature and all her little friends-by companion planting

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The 2014 Kirstenbosch – South Africa Chelsea Flower Show exhibit celebrates sustainability

Featuring vegetation from four natural habitat types, integrated with outstanding examples of unique local architecture and other examples of bio-mimicry, the display shows the creation of sustainable legacies through the transfer of ideas from biology to technology.

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Creating Chameleon and honey bee friendly gardens

Alice Notten supplies information about plants that attract bees and chameleons to your garden as well as advice on how to nurture them once they are there.

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Amaryllis belladonna or March Lily: the Silvermine River Wetlands Flower of the Month for March

Amaryllis belladonna - or Belladonna Lily - is a bulbous geophyte, native to the Western Cape and flowering from February to April.

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Kelp (Ecklonia Maxima) highly nutritious and delicious in a toasted cheese sandwich!

Kelp. Ecklonia Maxima. We are so lucky to have such an abundance in the Deep South. This sea vegetable has many health giving properties, is good for your animals and garden and tastes delicious!

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Garden in traffic circle in Fish Hoek grown by Akim Riemer of Green Guerrillas

I have watched with delight the garden growing in the traffic circle on Recreation Rd in Fish Hoek. The spinach is growing better than the carefully tended lot in my garden – mine is holey and not worth picking!Read more

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