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Hands on for green action

Collect plastic bottle tops for Operation Smile

Operation Smile has partnered with Fair Cape Dairies and shopping centres in the Western Cape to change the lives of children across South Africa who are born with a cleft lip or cleft palate.

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Max du Preez advises South Africans “to stop complaining and do it yourself”

We’re forgetting that we’re the nation of “maak ‘n plan” people, a country that has overcome great odds and survived crises that would have sunk most others. We have great human capital and a culture of perseverance and innovation.

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Opportunity for businesses and organisations to be part of the WESSA 2015 Youth Environmental Services (YES) Programme

This may be hugely appealing for organisations that need a couple of extra pairs of hands on deck, provided the organisation has the capacity to mentor a young person for a year.

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The Last Desert Race: David Barnard enters to raise funds for Greenpeace

"It’ll be by far the most unique thing I’ve ever done – maybe even the craziest – but I’m doing it with a real purpose."

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Rhino: Hard Talk with Richard Peirce and a panel of experts. An Open Book Festival event

Be part of the solution for saving our rhinos!

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Generating renewable energy in your own home

Cape Town is piloting approval for small scale energy generation and is signing up its first client this week.

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