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Hands on for green action

Report on Renewable Energy workshop hosted by Bantamsklip Organisation in Stanford

"Our strategy is to marshal support for our position locally and nationally and to demonstrate through research and public awareness that the building of such a facility (a nuclear power plant on the farm "Groot Hagelkraal" at Bantamsklip) willRead more

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South Africa’s Rhino Horn Trade Proposal risks rhino extermination – WESSA

This week rhino owners, conservation NGOS and other stakeholders had a chance to address the Rhino Horn Trade Proposal Committee of Inquiry with their support or concerns for re-opening of international trade in rhino horn.  WESSA (the Wildlife andRead more

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Friends of Silvermine Nature Area clean-up walk after the fire

The walk on Thursday 26th March, will be a Clean-up in the Silvermine Area. Please bring heavy duty bags to collect rubbish. The bags will be left at the site of clearing and will be carted away at aRead more

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Fire Relief Fund, Cape Talk Pledge Line and donations needed for animals affected by the fires in Cape Town

As the fires in Cape Town continue to burn for the fourth day, Cape Talk has set up a Fire Relief Fund. Fire fighters are currently fighting 15 fires raging across Cape Town’s Peninsula. Residents say that these firesRead more

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WESSA Elephant Project – an appeal for support

"As elephant herds dwindle to the north of our borders it is only a matter of time before poachers turn their guns on South Africa’s elephant population in a growing side business to rhino poaching."

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Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, to visit Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London this Feb

Greenpeace is very excited to announce that the iconic Greenpeace ship - the Rainbow Warrior - will be on South African shores in February to highlight solutions to South Africa’s current electricity crisis!

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