Zen Noir
One screening
Thursday 14 June at 11am
At Simon’s Town Museum
Please book with museum 021 786 3046
Ticket R20
Running time 71 minutes
A rather zany funky film, very funny,
yet providing intriguing insights into life and death.

Story-line: A nameless detective, still mourning the loss of his wife, investigates a mysterious death in a Zen temple. His logical left-brained crime-solving skills are useless in the intuitive, non-linear world of Zen. The detective’s mind is thwarted at every turn by his suspects, as in:
Detective: Where were you at the time of the murder?
Monk: What exactly do you mean by time?

Increasingly confused and unnerved, haunted by his wife’s ghost, and with the investigation going nowhere, the detective finds himself drawn into a deeper, more personal mystery. He must confront terrifying questions about love and loss, which lead to a startling realisation: the mystery he’s there to solve is the mystery of death itself.

Some background info – as per producers of ZEN NOIR:

• Means “meditation” in Japanese.
• A school of Buddhism that dispenses with all theories and beliefs focusing instead on the direct moment-by-moment experience of reality.
• A spiritual practice that helps us discover our true nature.
• Cannot be described: it can only be experienced. Therefore any attempt to describe it here is pointless.

• Means “black” in French. Black humour.
• Describes genre of film common in the fifties and still popular today: the hero sets out to solve one mystery but finds himself drawn info a deeper, darker more personal mystery.
• Features a distinct visual style: stark lighting, deep shadows, and recognisable characters: a hard-luck detective, a femme fatale, etc.

3. WHAT IS “ZEN NOIR” the movie?
A dark comedy, a romantic drama and a mystery by every definition – and funny.

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