LIGHTS!!           CAMERA!!      ACTION!!

Short films-Mziyanda Mphikwa (left), Michael Haas Right, on film set. Photo provided

Mziyanda Mphikwa (left), Michael Haas (right), on film set. Photo provided




Mziyanda Mphikwa resident of  Masiphumelele and  Michael Haas of Noordhoek, are two young and passionate film makers studying film and television production techniques at City varsity (school of media & creative arts). They have worked together on their short films and will be shooting a bigger school project in August.

As part of their fundraising initiative for their up and coming school project, they have planned and organized a screening to showcase their short films at the Fish Hoek High School theatre.  The City varsity and the Masiphumelele Corporation have helped them to put together their short film screening. They have about 15 short films for public viewing, their genre ranging from action drama and horror to comedy and romance. They promise a unique and exciting short film viewing experience.

The show will run for two days: Friday  1 August and  Saturday 2 August at 17:00till 18:30, at the Fish Hoek High School.

Their short films are suitable for all ages. The theatre hall seats 530. Tickets cost: R30 for young people and R50 foradults  and can be bought at the Fish Hoek High School from Tuesday till Saturday and  at the registration table.



Michael Haas C: 083 357 9998 or

Fish Hoek High ,  Sherri Bell, T: 021 – 782 1107 / C:061 968 7248

13th Avenue, Fish Hoek.