From the Annual Kirstenbosch Photographic Competition Organiser

The 2nd Annual Photographic Competition held by the Botanical Society at Kirstenbosch is underway. Please see the attached flyer for details.

The main prize this year is a Canon 70D with an 18 to 135mm Lens and there will be prize hampers for the monthly winners. The best images will be printed and displayed near the main entrance to Kirstenbosch. The photographer will have bragging rights as all pictures will all be credited to the author.

We have revamped the software to this year’s competition to make it easier to enter and for the entrant to see what they have submitted. It will also make things easier for the organizers and judges to speedily deal with the results.

For those visiting Kirstenbosch please make sure that you go to the ‘Boomslang’ treetop canopy walkway that affords magnificent and unusual views of the Gardens, Claremont and Newlands stretching over the Cape Flats to the Helderberg Mountains.

Claude Felbert

Email:                                     25th June 2014

Flyer for 2014 Lo Res