Date: 2nd February 2013

Clovelly Country Club

Time: 10H00 – 17H00


Wellness for 2013! Make those New Year’s resolutions work for you! Lose weight and eat well, stop smoking, reduce stress and become fitter, get rid of those aches and pains!

Wellness Saturday at the Clovelly Country Club will be packed with

more than 20 fresh and innovative health & wellness exhibits

and practitioners as well as local suppliers of health products

to help you live a happier, healthier, more vital life.



The line-up includes a panel discussion, a yoga session, and talks by experts in the field.


If you are already in the Health & Wellness industry, then consider promoting your business by setting up a stall on Wellness Saturday. Bring along brochures, business cards, and samples of your products.  

Entrance is FREE!!!              

Goody Bags for first 100 people!          


PHONE: 021 782 8816