On Saturday 26 January, a group of 20 children and adults from  Rosebank Methodist Church visited the Save Our Seas Shark Centre to learn more about False Bay’s marine environment.


The outing started with an introductory talk by Paul Millar, Educator at the Shark Centre, about False Bay’s rocky shore ecology, sharks and their importance in the food chain.


Paul Millar, Educator at the Save Our Seas Shark Centre in Kalk Bay, teaching children and adults who attended a weekend marine outing about False Bay’s rocky shore at Dalebrook Beach.The group then walked across the road to Dalebrook Beach to see first hand some of the rock pool creatures and their special adaptations that Paul had discussed in the presentation. Both the adults and

children were particularly excited to explore the myriad of little rock pools – finding Limpets, Barnacles, Star Fish, Sea Anemones, a shark egg, Chitons, remains of a Cuttlefish and many small fish.


Group of adults and children from Rosebank Methodist Church which visited the Save Our Seas Shark Centre for a marine outing on Saturday 26 January. This photo was taken at the rock pools at Dalebrook Beach.The group returned to the Shark Centre for a relaxing lunch near the pool, followed by an intriguing look at the Shark Centre’s small aquarium. After a short shark lesson, the group ended their marine outing by watching the movie ‘Shark Riddle’.]


The Shark Centre offers free educational marine outings, which can be arranged with Paul Millar (email paul@saveourseas.com or phone 021 788 6694).


The Shark Centre is open daily to the general public, Monday-Friday from 10am to 4pm, and on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm during summer months. Visitors to the Centre can expect to see small sharks and marine life in the aquarium, view marine documentaries and find out general shark and research information.