Southern Ambition is looking for placement opportunities for its young volunteers in the scenic south peninsula. Should you be interested in providing an opportunity for volunteers contact Jake Weissbourd at the address below.

 About Southern Ambition

“Southern Ambition is a Cape Town based organization that offers individuals exciting and extensive opportunities in student exchange, travel, internship and volunteer work. We work with both exchange students in Cape Town and non-students from around the world. At Southern Ambition, we provide a unique African experience, facilitate cultural exchange, and engage our volunteers in constructive, efficient ways.


Our mission is to enhance participants’ academic and social skill sets, nurture the development of their intercultural skills, and supply them with the necessary tools to participate in today’s global village. To fulfill this mission, Southern Ambition’s programs are flexible and adaptive – designed to complement the strengths of our participants.


What sets us apart at Southern Ambition is our young, fun, and dynamic staff. Structured and conceptualized by Africans, and with employees from all over the world, our program is authentically African and has the international expertise to work with a wide range of people.


We understand the financial constraints of our young participants. As an Africa-based program, our operating costs are considerably lower than those of our foreign competitors, and it allows us to offer affordable services without compromising quality.”

Jake Weissbourd
Administrator and Program Coordinator for Southern Ambition.
Cell +27 (0) 74 702 9329