Kalk Bay Main Road should be opened to two way traffic up to Clairvaux Road by the end of August when the  upgrade of Main Road in the commercial hub of Kalk Bay to Claivaux Road is scheduled for completion.   Thereafter work on Section G & H will commence.  Section G refers to the section between the Claivaux intersection and the Kalk Bay Bible College.  As this will impact on the  entrance to Kalk Bay Harbour, temporary signals and control equipment for a stop-go system will be installed, before this new work can commence. 

The existing traffic signals at the Clairvaux intersection and the harbour entrance will be de-activated and 3 sets of temporary stop/go signals installed together with a dedicated signal controller. This will be similar to the system installed under the Phase 1 contract. The Metrorail crossing will be managed manually, by trained personnel.

Each signal will operate on an approximate two to five minute cycle but will be adjusted as circumstances warrant.  The three cycles will be set up as follows:

  1. Clairvaux Road:  Left or right turning traffic intoMain Road.
  2. Main RoadSouthbound :  Right turning intoClairvaux Roador straight on to Clovelly.
  3. Main RoadNorthbound :  Left turning intoClairvaux Roador straight on to Muizenberg.

 In addition  3 variable messaging signs  or electronic messaging signs (VMS’s) will be erected to indicate the availability of public parking at the harbour.  The purpose of these signs is to indicate, in advance, the availability of parking in an attempt to prevent gridlock at the harbour entrance. One VMS will be erected at the harbour entrance, another onClairvaux Roadand the third one onMain Roadbefore the Kalk Bay Station parking area.

Section G Southbound involves the construction of a new sewer, stormwater reticulation and stormwater culvert crossing at Clairvaux intersection. It is expected that this section will take 10 weeks to complete depending on the quantity of rock encountered.

Section H northbound includes the construction of both the 700 and 300 water mains which will be laid in a common trench. This should reduce the overall construction time provided that the Contractor can handle the significant quantity of hard rock excavation that is expected. This section also includes the extension of the stormwater culvert and associated pipes and catchpits needed to drain the road and adjacent areas.

 Work on the Clairvaux Road tie-in to Main Road will be constructed on completion of Section H. 

 It was originally programmed to complete this section by December 2012 but because of the concentration of services and the hard rock, it is now envisaged that the work will extend into 2013.  However, the project team will ensure that the stop-go system will not be in place during the December holiday shut down period and that Section H will be trafficable, albeit on a temporary surface.

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