University of the Third Age (U3A) False Bay, will be showing a film on  Curitiba presented by Elfi Tomlinson on Thursday 6 December at 9.30am in the Muizenberg Pavilion.

All welcome and entrance is free.

Meeting will commence promptly 09:50 in order to finish at 11:00.

Refreshments available.

Curitiba is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Paraná

Some facts about Curitiba:

1. Curitiba has the highest recycling rate in the World – 70%.
2. Curitiba has a bus system that is so good that car traffic decreased by 30% while the population trebled in a twenty year period.
3. Curitiba has the largest downtown pedestrianised shopping area in the World.
4. Curitiba has built large numbers of beautiful parks to control floods rather than concrete canals. So many that they use sheep to cut the grass as it’s cheaper than lawnmowers.
5. Curitiba is a city where 99% of inhabitants want to live. In comparison, 70% of Sao Paolo’s residents want to live in Curitiba.
6. Curitiba’s average income per person has increased from less than the Brazilian average in the 1970’s to 66% greater than the Brazilian average.

For further information call 
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