I have noted the passionate resistance  to Shell’s proposals for fracking in the Karoo by all and sundry. This resistance  has been vented in the press, on the Scenic South website, at public meetings and people have even taken to the streets in protest.

I, for one, was truly amused at the clever slogan”No fracking way!” when first I saw it on placards of protesters. How utterly disappointing then, to see this clever slogan for a good cause spray painted on walls of private property when strolling down Main Road Kalk Bay
on Sunday 4th September.

The attached photo shows the defacing of the sidewall of a private building on the corner of Main and Rosmead Roads in Kalk Bay. We were all quick to condemn the hooligan behavior of some of the protesters during the recent municipal workers strikes, and quite rightly
so!   “No fracking way” can defacing private property be justified, no matter how noble the cause!

Gary S Black