Exciting concept drawings have been draughted for a Surfer’s Walk of Fame on the  circle at  Surfer’s Corner  in Muizenberg.  The abutting photograph of an architectural model gives a good idea of the proposed landscaping and `Walk Way’ which aims to celebrate surfing legends.   

Essentially, the layout is a cross within a circle at the centre of which is a plinth for a proposed art work or statue celebrating surfing.  It’s exact form is still to be decided.  The “cross-shape” is made up of two intersecting, cobbled pathways, with commemorative plaques set into the paths .

The surfboard-shaped areas, between the paths, will be planted with indigenous plants especially chosen to withstand the extreme weather conditions at the Corner.  The planted areas will be bordered with a low wall, designed to double up as seating .  This will keep the design simple and avoid the need for benches which require maintenance and may be vandalized.  The outer two meters of pavement, around the circle, is intended to be a pathway, again with similar plaques.

Council approval for this project is currently being sought.  Sponsors and the project co-ordinators are hoping that the construction of the pathways may be completed by March 2011.

The opening ceremony  is likely to include a fundraiser to finance the surf art installation.  Selecting the first names for the “Walk of Fame” is well underway.  The process of identifying the surfers to be commemorated at Surfer’s Corner is connecting surfers across the globe whose input and advice is being sought about the voting criteria.  


Info for this write-up came from an email by Peter Wright, Muizenberg MID Director (Beachfront Portfolio)  December 2010