Kalk Bay Theatre is hosting a two week Improv Fest featuring the superb actors from TheatreSports.  Last night we attended the “Crime Thursday” show. What fun and what talented actors!

The audience were asked to provide ideas for the crime, the weapon, the country and the year in which the crime took place. Within minutes we were transported to the filming of a documentary in Russia about a murder which took place twenty years earlier in the 1970s. The suspect was a young woman from Orange Grove in Johannesburg, an ANC stalwart who suddenly left her two children with her parents and disappeared overnight via Lusaka to Moscow where she was put up in a bordello …. The KGB were involved, an agent of the FBI, prostitutes, drug lords… the mode of murder a stake through the heart.

The actors are brilliant. At the start of the show they do not have a clue about the plot or who they would be portraying in it. All is improvised. These talented young folk were not even alive in the 1970s but were utterly convincing in the portrayal of their characters and the politics of the age. The plot twisted and turned as the actors, thinking on their feet, carried the story forward. James at the piano created atmosphere with his suberb “soundtrack” of Russian-ish music on piano and piano accordion.

Anguish, trauma, drama and brilliant humour … the show had it all. It was fabulous!

Find out more at http://scenicsouth.co.za/event/improv-fun-in-second-improguise-improv-festival-at-kalk-bay-theatre/