The Cape Town Science Centre will be mounting a new exhibition on ‘Great South African Inventions’ later this year. We would like to hear from you about unusual or little known South African inventions that you think should be included in the exhibition.
If possible, the inventions that you propose should meet the following criteria:
● They should showcase the interface between indigenous knowledge and Western science.
● They should have made an international impact.
● They should have contributed a positive change to South African society.
● There should be a good balance between inventions made by older people and those made by the younger generation.
The inventions in the exhibition will be displayed in the following clusters:
1. Health and Medical Technology
2. ICT
3. Transport
4. Industry and the Environment
5. Space science and astronomy.
6. Energy
7. Food and Drink
8. Sport and Leisure
9. Home & Garden
If possible, we need the following information:
● Name of invention and inventor
● Date of invention
● Availability of the invention for display
Maybe your granny invented a koeksuster cutter or your grandpa a perpetual motion machine! If so, let us know.
Please put on your thinking caps and let us urgently have your proposals for inventions to include in our exhibition! Send your proposals to