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“The combination of the ocean, the white beaches, cafe culture…and having both rural farmlands, the hustle and bustle of shops and kid-friendly cafes all within a short car journey, makes the Scenic South so diverse,” Taryn Peters, owner of In all Honesty. “It feels like being on a permanent holiday.”

She loves living in Fish Hoek and spends many an hour running on the road outside of Simonstown. She is the owner of an innovative health initiative, tucked away in Fish Hoek. Order health goodies online from In all Honesty and look after your family’s future. The story of how she got where she is today is fascinating so read on…


Healthy, wealthy and wise

“I don’t believe anyone is naturally healthy,” muses Taryn. “We are what we eat. I was convinced I ate well and was healthy until everything changed drastically 8 years ago.” And she should know. Only weeks after moving to New Zealand all those years ago, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, Ulcerative Colitis. This is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

She went into complete denial. She and her husband had taken the opportunity to leave the Scenic South to discover the beauty of New Zealand. Their move to this small island inspired a healthy lifestyle – “to get fit and give us a renewed passion for life!” And now this.

“My specialist told me that changing my diet would not make any difference and that I needed to take meds for the rest of my life. After 7 years I had enough of doctor and hospital visits, and became desperate to get off chronic medication, so I started looking at alternatives and decided to take it on myself to change my eating habits.”

Taryn decided it was time for something new and began researching holistic, natural healing approaches. After only a few months, her symptoms subsided and shortly afterwards she was able to stop all medication. “I have been off medication for 2 years and have been in remission ever since. My body is healing itself!”

Meanwhile, Taryn and her husband and their small boys had moved back to the Scenic South. They had returned to the Cape for a holiday while she was pregnant with their second son: “Staying with family in the Scenic South, we fell hopelessly in love with the beauty and community of the Scenic South and decided to move back and settle in the valley.”

Taryn & Oats

In all Honesty – food for life

The rest is now history. Taryn started In all Honesty which is now a popular health industry which you too should know about if you live in the Scenic South!

It all started as a personal blog about her journey to health. She wanted to document the foods she was eating and all the fascinating facts about health that she was subsequently learning while on this journey.

“When I made the decision to change the way our family ate, I made it my mission to source good quality, natural and organic foods – which at the time seemed to be lacking in the Scenic South,” she says.

She spent hours driving around all over the Cape to various suppliers each month to source good quality produce. She started to bring supplies back for family and friends and soon word got out and she was bringing back goods for other interested health nuts.

“It wasn’t long before my hobby turned into a home-based business. I have been supplying the valley monthly with a selection of natural and organic products and am slowly growing In all Honesty to supply Cape Town and surrounds.”

Chia Pudding 2Taryn

Ill-health leads to enlightenment

Taryn has journeyed far in her life. She remembers how alone she felt in her battle with Colitis. “I never spoke about it. I told no-one about it. It was unheard of. I used to feel so offended and uninvited when a coffee shop didn’t have ANYTHING to cater for my needs.”

Today, it has become fashionable to eat Gluten Free, Sugar Free or Low Carb or Banting. Not only is it so much easier now to find these choices in cafes, but so too is every second person openly sharing similar ailments! Taryn is part of the solution, with her In all Honesty business, right here in the Scenic South!

One of the main dimensions of good health is good exercise. For Taryn, this means running and yoga. “Feeling healthy makes me feel alive! I make the time to run. I ensure the route is scenic. Whether it’s running through meadows, passing stables, streams, farm lands. Or running hills overlooking vast ocean makes all the difference. It releases endorphins (happy hormones). I alternate a run with a yoga session most days, working on stretching and toning.”

And believe it or not, Taryn loves to eat! “I am so grateful that something like food, which is a necessity to live, can be so good, so satisfying. I love trying new restaurants (date nights!) and being in the kitchen creating meals with my husband, and entertaining guests.”

Coconut Milk 1Taryn

Passion and compassion

What an enormous change for someone whom the doctors gave no hope. Taryn’s boys are now aged four and five and she has more time on her hands to run In all Honesty passionately. “A passion is something you are consumed by, something you through all your energy into. One of my passions is creating a healthy lifestyle for my family, offering them good quality, whole foods free of additives, preservatives and GMOs. I spend endless hours reading through recipes and researching products.”

In a nutshell, Taryn would love to see In All Honesty stretch its wings into the rest of South Africa. She says that she is working on the website so watch this space for an online store. She adds that your best investment in life is in your health. Rather invest in a healthy lifestyle now, than spend a fortune on medical bills in later years.

”If you eat well, and live well, you’re on the road to being well.” Wise words indeed from one who has been there and found her true path…

Why should we all eat healthily?

Many chronic diseases start in the gut. It’s all about what you put in to your system. Before you have to battle with illnesses, rather think about what foods you’re eating that could create havoc in later years. Don’t think that eating organic and natural foods is expensive and just a fad. Remember that the best investment you could make is in your health. Money can’t buy health. Spend a little bit more on good quality food, than on chronic medication and medical bills.

Take one step at a time. It’s a journey. Don’t feel overwhelmed. One day at a time. Get into the habit of always reading the label. Eat natural, organic whole foods and try eliminate refined sugars, additives, preservatives and GMO packed foods. Don’t be deceived by deceptive labels.

Everyone is different and needs to understand their body. It’s a journey. What works for some won’t work for others.

Granola 2Taryn

How does In all Honesty work?

In All Honesty offers a personal service, taking monthly orders. Most customers order a month’s supply of nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and other goodies. Taryn sends out a monthly newsletter with the month’s specials, new additions and attaches the latest Product List, with an order’s cut-off date. There are various collection points in the valley, or a delivery can be arranged to your door. In all Honesty’s Facebook page keeps you up to date with specials, healthy recipes, bite-size posts on nutrition and healthy foods.

In All Honesty’s most popular products are the fresh natural and organic NUTS, SEEDS and preservative-free DRIED FRUITS. You just can’t compare the nuts you get from a supermarket to the fresh quality of these nuts. The dried sour cherries and the cranberries infused with pineapple juice are extremely popular. In All Honesty have a big selection of products for those following the Banting or Paleo diet.