The Cape Town Science Centre is hosting a talk by David Lipschitz on tackling South Africa’s energy crisis:
Is Load Shedding getting to you? Tackling the energy crisis.
A talk for home owners and small business owners.
Join David Lipschitz for a highly relevant and interesting presentation on tackling the energy crisis we face in South Africa, followed by a Q&A session.
“How can home owners and (small) businesses work together to replace / support Eskom?” We need to talk about Micro-grids, Community Power Stations, etc. If we work alone, then we are separate. If we work together, we can make much more electricity, much cheaper, and we can share so that if we have a cloudy day and someone else has a sunny day, we still have electricity. Also we can desalinate sea water and in Cape Town, we never need water scarcity again, but this implies that people near water need to allow people further away access to “their” water.
Date: Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Time: 17:30 for 18:00
Venue: SAP Auditorium at the Cape Town Science Centre
Entry Fee: There is no entry fee, donations are welcome to sustain the                    Cape Town Science Centre an NPO dedicated to the public
                 awareness of science
Refreshments: Tea & Coffee and light refreshments on sale
RESERVE YOUR SEAT: 021 300 3200 or