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Foraging for pine ring mushrooms, also known as saffron milk cap and Lactarius deliciosus

And then we found them. Nestled in between some wild Centella asiatica, a couple of beautiful orange caps were winking at us.

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Kelp (Ecklonia Maxima) highly nutritious and delicious in a toasted cheese sandwich!

Kelp. Ecklonia Maxima. We are so lucky to have such an abundance in the Deep South. This sea vegetable has many health giving properties, is good for your animals and garden and tastes delicious!

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Sea Biscuits and other ideas for using sea lettuce or Ulva

When harvesting seaweed a great one to start with for culinary purposes is one of the most common: the sea lettuce or Ulva. See the recipe for Sea Biscuits ...

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A coastal foraging expedition – seaweed superfoods fresh and free from the sea

On the menu for lunch was Mussel Soup with wine and garlic (most more-ish), Wrack Seaweed Coleslaw (crunchy and delicious), Kelp and Avo Salad ...

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A foraging feast at Good Hope Nursery with edible indigenous plants and weeds

Foraging for a fabulous meal of fynbos and garden greens and flowers at the Good Hope Nursery on Saturday was a novel experience for my hubby and me and a group of our friends. Under the expert guidance ofRead more

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Spring weeds in the garden and for your lunch by Roushanna Gray of Good Hope Nursery

This Spring Greens Soup is so delicious I could have licked the bowl!

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