“We hope to harness the groundswell of goodwill and enthusiasm that was generated by the Reunion to create a lasting legacy for the Corner that will commemorate the past and celebrate the future. The first step on this path will be a Surfers Walk of Fame (SWOF) which will comprise suitably inscribed commemorative plaques honouring the pioneers and heroes of Cape Town surfing embedded in the sidewalk alongside The Wall overlooking the surf (in front of the parking space lot where the Beach Court Mansions used to be).

Anyone interested in contributing to this project, whether financially or by providing expertise and assistance, is requested to contact us via surferscorner@gmail.com. A group will be formed to decide who should be honoured, obtain local authority permission, create the plaques and place them in position.

And remember!!!  “You do not stop surfing cause you get old .. You get old because you stop surfing”

 From: “Nick(y) and Charlie”  Extract from: Geriatric Gazette – The Final Edition “Aloha and Mahalo”