Sixties Surfers need to vote to honour surfing greats before the end of May.

Nick Hough and Charlie  Moir are organising again.  Sixties Surfers from Muizenberg Surfer’s Corner would like to start a  “Cape Town Surfing Hall of Fame” that will honour those who have made a major contribution to the sport and lifestyle of surfing here. Those inducted into the Hall of Fame will be immortalised by having their names included in the Walk of Fame at Muizenberg Corner.  (A portion of the Proceeds from the sale of the Sixties Surfer’s Reunion DVD will be allocated to the Walk of Fame Project. )

They can be great surfers, tireless administrators, members of the surf industry or others such as artists or musicians who have made an impact by promoting or enhancing the surfing lifestyle in Cape Town. 

We would like to start by honouring the pioneers of local surfing from the 1950’s and ‘60’s and intend to induct 10 inaugural recipients this year and then five more each year thereafter. We need you to nominate the people who you think should be the first 10 Cape Town surfers to be inducted. Below is list of potential nominees. Please note this is not exclusive and you can nominate anyone you think qualifies. (Ed’s first vote is for John “the Oom” Whitmore)

John Whitmore        David Meneses           Earl Krause                 Gordon Verhoef

Dick Metz                Thys Bokhorst             Murphy Bokhorst         Peter Basford

Andy Spengler         Robin Solomon          John Grendon              Roy Linley

John Pagden           Donald Paarman        Jonathan Paarman      Peers Pittard   

Trevor Espey           George Bunting          Gerald Gobel               Brian O’Donnell

Clive Barber            Rodney Lemkus          Margaret Smith            Bernie Shelly

Michel Cozien         Claus Andrup              Bunny Shandler           Jimmy Moffat

Harry Fuchs            Brian McClarty            Johnny Orton               Greg Stokes

Peter Randle           Nick Hough                 Charlie Moir                 Mike Taylor

NB: You are requested to compile your list of 10 nominees and send it to us at before the end of May so we can get the Cape Town Surfing “Hall of Fame” up and running.

Examples of other `Surfers Walk of Fame' plaques


Images and text edited from  The Surfers Corner Chronicle Edition 5 of May 2010