Acclaimed UK blues singer and guitarist Matt Woosey performs for five nights only at Kalk Bay Theatre from 13 to 17 February.This gig is not to be missed! UK guitarist and song-writer Matt Woosey playing at the Kalk Bay Theatre raised the roof of the historic church building with his vocals and the intensity and passion with which he slapped and picked and strummed his acoustic guitar.

Speaking to him briefly before the show, I learnt that this South African tour was his first tour outside Europe where he has played in Norway, Holland, Germany, France and Belgium….During his month long tour of South Africa he will be playing in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, East London, Durban, Pietermaritzberg and Stellenbosch. Asked how he came to be here, he replied that he had listened to and befriended Robin Auld in England (our man from Kalk Bay!) who helped him to arrange his gigs and itinerary.

Matt’s music is “rooted in blues … some of it is inspired rather than blues.”

“I love acoustic music of most genres … musicians such as Rory Gallagher, John Martin…. My first love was Led Zepplin but I got into blues when I went back to music that inspired me… ‘Son’ House, Robert Johnson, the Godfather of early blues  … Muddy Waters … Howling Wolf. …”

Although he played the guitar at school, it was not a passion until he left school when he took a gap year and worked in pubs in Australia. He then embarked on a degree in music and geography. Geography?

“ To dilute the boredom, “ he says with a grin.

Matt’s sense of humour is delightful and he had a wonderful rapport with his appreciative audience. The Kalk Bay Theatre has only 78 seats, Matt is only playing for another 3 nights and according to theatre owner, Simon Cooper, the shows are booking up fast so don’t dally, book online at

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