One of our readers, Ingrid Swann, sent in photographs of and a comment about  a strange fish washed up on Noordhoek Beach last weekend (19-20 Jan 2013)
“I was taking a trail this past weekend and came across this weird looking fish. I know the pictures aren’t great, horses can be unwilling photography partners sometimes, but I was wondering if you or one of your readers would be able to identify it.

It was about a meter and a half to two meters in length.”

I have sent Ingrid’s photos to a number of  “fish specialists” and will post their comments as soon as I receive them.

If anyone else photographed this fish, please send your pictures to me at

Many thanks to Ingrid for sharing her photos with us.

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Strange fish on Noordhoek Beach. Photo by Ingrid Swann

Strange fish on Noordhoek beach. Photo by Ingrid Swann



Remains of 'oarfish'/'ribbonfish' on Noordhoek beachPostscript. My son and I took a walk along Noordhoek beach on Monday- eight days after Ingrid first saw the fish (I regret that I could not get there earlier!) and we found it in a very sorry state about 200 m from the wreck of the Kakapo towards Noordhoek.


The photo alongside is not a very pleasant one but it gives an indication of the length of the fish. A section of the middle bit had already been “recycled” so it is stretched out in two pieces.