Please note that following further testing of the new 700mm diameter water main using a non-destructive gas detection technique, a leak has been detected in the pipe at a position just opposite the Holy Trinity Church.  This position coincides with a reducer where the 600mm diameter pipe joins the 700mm diameter pipe.  It is suspected that one (or both) of the two flexible couplings at this reducer has failed.  No other leaks in the main were detected.


In order for Civils2000 to effect this repair it is going to be necessary to operate a short length of Main Road opposite the church under stop/go traffic control conditions.  Work will start at 09:00 on Monday, 28 July and unless additional unforeseen repair work is necessary, it is expected that the road will revert back to normal two way traffic flow conditions by 16:30 that evening. However, if it is found that additional work is necessary, the excavation will be temporarily backfilled for the night and will be re-opened the following day (Tuesday) so that the repair work can be completed that day.


Kim Diedericks

Chand Environmental Consultants