Casa Labia Cultural Centre

Casa Labia Cultural Centre’s Artreach Programme presents a

A Solo Exhibition by Gerald Tabata

As part of Casa Labia Cultural Centre’s Artreach programme, which selects an artist and sponsors their first solo exhibition, Casa Labia will be presenting the work of Cape Peninsula born and bred artist Gerald Tabata.

Tabata’s history places him firmly within the framework of his artworks speaking to place, time and social politics. Whether waiting for a taxi, walking down the street, friends performing an impromptu hair-dressing service, or waiting for the world to turn, Tabata captures these moments.

The subjects that people his canvases, although framed by circumstances of poverty, carry on about their business of life; while some of the figures have become reduced to an anonymous symbol, they are not a caricature. The subjects do not engage with the viewer, in many instances the subject has their back turned, or is walking away, out of the picture frame, excluding the viewer from the narrative of their life.

Tabata states “As  artists  we stand  for  the people, we are  the  voice  of  the  masses, we  cannot  keep  quiet  or  pretend  things  are  ok  whilst  they  are  not. We  should  expose  poverty  and  make  it  our  responsibility  to  let  the  world  know  our  backyard problems.”
Exhibition open from 1st to the 29th of August, gallery hours 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Sunday. For further information visit our website OR email OR call 021 788 6068.