Whilst the Argus Cycle Tour on 10 March reduces the traffic into Simon’s Town on that morning, it also presents a great marketing opportunity.

  • In the days before the Tour contestants and their families scout the route and come through our town,
  • The cyclists riding through the town on the Tour last year noticed our decorations and a number of them returned after the Tour to explore the “interesting looking town” further.
  • There is national and international media cover the Tour.

So join in the fun and lets make Simon’s Town the highlight of the Tour route! Last year for example CraftArt and Pam Golding each had magnificently decorated old cycles outside their businesses.  Some ideas:

    • Get an old cycle and decorate it with flowers, baloons, flags….see if you can outdo Pam Golding!
    • Those who have the ‘Just Nuisance on a Bicycle’ poster, put it up in a prominent spot. If you are not going to use your poster, lend it to another business.
    • Fly your flags, put out your bunting.
    • Print some copies of Just Nuisance on a Bicycle (a jpg file is attached) and put them up in your shop window.Just Nuisance welcomes Argus Cycle Tour participants in Simon's Town
  • Think of other innovative ways to say: “Cyclists come back – Simon’s Town is a great place to visit”

The Argus Cycle Tour is a wonderful opportunity for some free marketing.  Don’t miss it!

Lesley Shackleton

for the Simon’s Town Events Group