Simon’s Town Civic Association (STCA) Newsletter for May 2012 is complied by Lesley Shackleton.  Although the STCA aims to serve the communities of Simon’s Town and Glencairn the issues and events including:  security, Miller’s Point, baboon proof bins, Navy news, Festivals on Jubilee Square etc are of interest to the entire Scenic South Peninsula.

Security Issues

Simon’s Town Police: We are extremely concerned to hear that, once again, duty police persons have been transferred away from Simon’s Town, further weakening response capacity our Station. We currently have only 10 officers available when we should have 48!! And the Simon’s Town precinct is the largest in the Peninsula. This is a very serious situation and we urge all Simon’s Town and Glencairn (and Scarborough and Cape Point) residents to be sure to report any crime or potential crime, however small. All calls are logged in the Incidents Book, and we need the record to show that our police are needed in our area. Simon’s Town SAPS 24 hrs phone number is 021 786 8646 or 786 8647. Always alert SAPS of any suspicious behaviour and (attempted) break-ins.  Our motto must be: “Use it or lose it”.

Community Police Forum: At a recent CPF meeting in Simon’s Town our area was embarrassed by having only 3 members of the general public attending a meeting at which there were 7 police officers, 3 Metro police officers and 3 members of Law Enforcement giving reports.  The CPF is a vital organisation for establishing and maintaining a partnership between the SAPS and the community, and improving police services to the community. It is in our interests to demonstrate our support for the police and law enforcement agencies by attending these by-monthly public report-back meetings arranged by the CPF.

Theft out of motor vehicles is still a problem in tourist areas.  Whilst housebreaking crime remains low compared to last year, there is an increase in property theft. This has been attributed to bin pickers, metal thieves and new vagrants wandering around town. It has been suggested that where bin-picking is rife, attracting strange people into the area, those of us who have baboon-proof, lockable bins, should buy and use padlocks even if we are currently not being troubled by baboons. The Waste Trucks can open padlocked bins, but baboons and bin-pickers cannot. Locking the bins discourages both!

Vagrants: Vagrant anti-social behaviour in the Simon’s Town and Glencairn commercial areas continues to be a growing problem, here and elsewhere. One of the distressing consequences of vagrant activity is the squalid dumping of bottles and litter all over our Town, the Vlei and our environment.  Our Councillor reports that over and above the City’s Solid Waste budget of R280 million for refuse removal, the Roads and Storm Water Department have a budget of over R100 million to remove litter from roads. We urge people not to give money directly to vagrants: it leads to littering, drunkenness and anti-social behaviour. Rather those who wish to help homeless people should provide support to the organisations which assist street people. 

Black Hill

People walking or horse riding from the parking area at the top of Black Hill are urged to be alert as there have been several attacks on individuals there by a man wearing a red shirt, and blue overall pants with reflective stripes at the bottom (like construction worker pants).

Once again: Simon’s Town and Glencairn residents are urged to report all crimes and anti social behaviour to the police and law enforcement.  We need to get incidents on the official record.  This also pertains to sightings of baboons. See useful telephone numbers at the end of the Newsletter.

Buffer Zone Presentation

Sandy Barnes will be giving a presentation on the proposed Buffer Zone Legislation put out by the Department of Environment Affairs. This affects the South Peninsula deeply, impacting on spatial planning, environmental legislation, the urban edge, what the City and Table Mountain National Park are required to take into account in their planning and development (including baboon management). Date: Wednesday 16 May, 5pm – 7pm, Library Hall, Fish Hoek Municipal offices

Public Meeting to Develop a Vision for Miller’s Point

All are encouraged to participate in this public meeting which will take place in the Simon’s Town Town Hall, on Wednesday 30 May, 19h30 -21h30.  Miller’s Point is a unique environmental / recreational site on the False Bay coast. It has coastal and mountain fynbos, magnificent granite boulder-surrounded beaches, baboons and other wild animals, intertidal fauna and flora and used to have abundant crayfish and other fish, it has one of the few safe boat-launching sites in False Bay and is on one of the most popular scenic drives on the Peninsula. The land belongs to the City of Cape Town. Over the years it has been neglected, but the City is now proposing some “upgrades”. The Far South Peninsula Community Forum, (a grouping of all the Civic and Ratepayers Associations south of Silvermine) believes that it is essential to have public input before starting any upgrade or development process on this unique site. The first step in the process is to work with the community to develop a vision for this valuable site.

Planning for Simon’s Town Spring Festivities

Heritage weekend is 21 – 24 September this year.  The Simon’s Town Business Association, with assistance from residents, will again be coordinating activities around the Town. Would people who participated last year, and wish to do so again, or those who would like to incorporate something new, please contact Margaret Silk at Paddlers (

Navy News

Keep an eye out for the Royal Navy submarine HMS Talent who will be berthed here from 14 – 21 May.  The Navy also informed us that they are doing all they can to re-instate the Dockyard Concert which was prohibited earlier this year as it did not comply with the City’s safety regulations.

Cannon Firing

The 9 inch Rifled Muzzle Loading Gun at Middle North Battery will be fired at noon on 16 June (Youth Day); 24 September (Heritage Day); 11 November (Remembrance Day); 16 December (Day of Reconciliation) and on 31 December at midnight.

Volunteer Wildfire Services

The Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) helps the Table Mountain National Park to combat wildfires. To improve their response time to veld fires in the Far South, VWS are creating a new base in Noordhoek (closer than the current Newlands base). VWS is recruiting local resident volunteers to man the new South Peninsula base – for various roles, not only for active fire fighting. For more information please Allan Roy at

 Museum Talk

Hilary Mauve will give a talk on “Mary Kinsley – the other side of her interests and her travels in Africa” on 27 June, 2012. R20 per person includes a glass of wine or fruit juice. Queries to Yvonne at 021 786 4404 or Audrey at 021 786 1805.

Highlighting Useful Services

We encourage residents to visit the new Fresco Deli and Store in Simon’s Town. They have a wide variety of fresh goods including vegetables, ciabattas, cold meats, cheeses, and much more – this is wonderful to have in Simon’s Town so let’s support them.  Another service, hidden away but well worth knowing about, is the Simon’s Town Seamstress, who works from Room 7, above the First National Bank (take the Jawitz Properties entrance). The Seamstress does alterations, upholstery, dressmaking and makes curtains.

 Art on the Square

The first ‘Art on the Square’ on Jubilee Square on Sunday 13 May was enjoyed by all who participated. The weather was perfect and some 16 artists took part. Following the very positive feedback we plan to repeat this, and we are also looking at arranging Music on the Square in a similar, community-fun, relaxed way. Any local resident interested in helping pull this together should contact Margaret Silk at Paddlers,

Traffic and Parking in Simon’s Town

After several requests to do so, the City has promised to update the Traffic Study on our area (last done in the 1990s). This is urgently needed to take account of the increase in traffic from the Navy, residential development and increased tourism. Over this past season, control of the tour bus traffic was a major issue.  We are also calling for improved traffic management around the high accident area between the Shell garage and the Railway Station.  Simon’s Town has declined to join the City’s managed parking scheme. Currently STADCO manages parking on Jubilee Square, but during the winter will not be managing parking in Wharf Street.  It is hoped that we will be able to increase the presence of Law Enforcement in the area to monitor illegal, long-term parking.

Baboon Proof Bins

Those of us living in a baboon raiding area are required by the City to have a double lockable bin secured with two padlocks. We are assured that bins can be opened with the padlocks in place. The waste removal trucks which service our residential areas have been converted to open and empty these bins with these padlocks in place. The keys to the padlocks are not required by the waste removal staff.  As residents we are urged to do everything possible to reduce raids and discourage baboons from visiting our areas.  The City needs our support to create a baboon-free residential area. Unsecured bins can result in waste being strewn all over which waste staff are then required to clean up. This poses a health hazard, delays the trucks and makes their job most unpleasant.  Your secured bin will make a difference.

Lorraine Holloway from the Baboon Liaison Group explains how it works:  Place a strong padlock on each latch on the bin. The padlock should be placed through the hole in the silver metal latch. The padlocks must be locked!  Keep the keys in a safe place. Put the bin out on the side of the road or pavement but lie it down on its side with the latches nearest the ground. Recycling bags should be placed next to the bin, not inside.

Noise at Navy Barracks

Should any residents be disturbed by unreasonable noise issuing from Navy Barracks, they are encouraged to report it to the Navy at 021 787 3818, this line is manned 24/7.

Report Graffiti

All graffiti should be reported direct to Michelle De Wet at 072 152 5963  Reporting issues to the City

Issues needing the City’s attention can be reported directly to the Sub-council Manager, either by email to Desiree Mentor  fax 021- 782 1185, or by dropping off a note at the Sub-council offices at Fish Hoek. Please keep Desiree Mentor informed of progress / or lack of progress so that she can follow-up if necessary.  Each report should contain the Date (of submitting the request); the Category (Roads, Waste Management, Parks, Water supply, Graffiti, etc); a Detailed description of the problem (this must include the exact location – eg not just a street name, but opposite which house number, or which end of a beach), and provide the name and contact details of the person submitting the request.

Emergency numbers:

Simon’s Town Police:  021 786-8646 or 8647

Fish Hoek Emergency Control Centre:  021 782 0333, 782-0444

Metro Police (Law Enforcement): 021 784 2033

Fire and Emergency: 107 from Telkom phones, 112 from cell phones

Roads, potholes and stormwater: 0860 103 054 (24 Hours)

Water/Sewage Emergencies:   0860 103 054 (24 hours)

To report people tossing burning cigarette butts into vegetation: 021 424 7715

Cable theft, toll free 24/7 hotline: 0800 222 771.

To report people feeding baboons: 021 957-5937or 959-5900

Baboon emergencies: 071 588-6540 (all hours).

Metrorail complaints: 0800 65 64 63

Navy Ops room (for all issues concerning the Navy) 021 787 3818 (all hours).

Queries and complaints can also be logged at the City’s Call Centre: Tel: 0860103089 or

SMS 31363 (no more than 160 characters) or email: 


STCA membership fees (R80 per annum per household) became due on 1 January 2012.  Please pay membership fees (cash) at the STADCO parking office on Jubilee Square during office hours, or by internet banking. (We are trying to avoid use of cheques if at all possible – the bank is now charging exorbitantly for cheques.)


For internet banking :  BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS:

            Bank: Standard Bank,                                                          Branch: Fish Hoek

Branch code: 036009                                                           Account number: 073815209

Account name: Simons Town Civic Association   (Market link savings account)

Please say “Subs, your name, tel. number” as the sender.  Please also notify the STCA that you have paid.

 New members must give the STCA contact details so as to be put onto the Newsletter mailing list.

Please encourage neighbours and friends to join the STCA