Paddlers set out at the start of the 9th race of the  Best4 Summer Surfski Series at Seaforth Beach. Photo  courtesy of John Hishin75 paddlers took part in in the Seaforth Ocean Contest, Simonstown on Sunday 27 January  in the 9th race of the  Best4 Summer Surfski Series.

 Constant concentration was required by the paddlers  to navigate the  choppy water and shallow reefs, although a few paddlers experienced a swim or two.

In the women’s race  Donia Kamstra narrowly edged out Kim van Gysen mere metres before the line.  Right behind them was Bianca Beavitt . The top three ladies were separated by only 30 seconds.

The men’s race was equally exciting. Tom Schilperoort sealed yet another victory,  Simon van Gysen came second with junior paddler Kenny Rice claiming third. The last race (and prizegiving)  in the Best4 Summer Surfski Series will be this Sunday, 3 February at Clifton 4th beach.  Visit for details.