In December 2012 the Save Our Seas Shark Centre visited a group of 30 learners from Nazareth House in Cape Town to teach them about sharks and their importance in the oceans.


Paul Millar of the Save Our Seas Shark Centre giving a presentation on sharks to children at Nazareth House.The children were very excited to hear about the different species of sharks that occur and asked many questions about shark behavior, diets and reproduction. Save Our Seas Shark Centre educator, Paul Millar, was also able to dispel many popular misconceptions about sharks, which the children found very interesting.


The short children’s movie ‘Shark Riddle’ was shown, which is an adventure story about a magical journal and a quest to solve a mysterious riddle about shark teeth. The movie showed over 20 species of shark and had the happy children clapping hands to the songs by the end of movie. The film reinforced what the children had been taught during the lesson on sharks, and was designed to help children develop empathy and positive feelings towards sharks.


Many thanks to Nazareth House for collaborating to make this social outreach initiative possible. Nazareth House aims to provide a loving, stable and secure home environment for abandoned, neglected, disabled and orphaned children as well as a last resting place for children with terminal conditions who are unable to return home due to sociable ills.


The Shark Centre is open daily to the general public, Monday-Friday from 10am to 4pm. Visitors to the Centre can expect to see small sharks and marine life in the aquarium, view marine documentaries and find out general shark and research information. For educational requests or enquiries, please contact Paul Miller or T: 021 788 6694.


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