SAS Assegaai Museum submarine LogoTOURS to SAS ASSEGAAI MUSEUM SUBMARINE in Simon’s Town.

Over 10 000 visitors from more than 40 countries have visited the SAS Assegaai Museum Submarine in the relatively short time since it has been moored between the Navy Harbour  and Simon’s Town Yatch Club.  Going on board a working submarine, albeit a retired one,  is a truely out of the ordinary experience and one that is on our doorstep in Simon’s Town.   You enter the world of precision engineering that enables the submariners to `see’ in the dark and survive extreme water pressures.  Even for visitors not technically inclined, the polished pipes and soft light emitted from dials and monitors against the dark ribbed hull of the sub is like techno art.  While physically, submarines redefine cramped living,  the cameraderie of the crew made up for many of the hardships of being at sea without a view, fresh air or place to escape to for time out from work or fellow sailors.   The SAS Assegaai is well preserved and open to visitors for guided tours. 

Please note that the Simon’s Town Boat Company no longer provides ferry services to the Assegaai Museum Submarine.  For  Bookings & Tickets contact the HGTS office at Simon’s Town station or  the Stadco office on Jubilee Sq. Bookings: (021) 786 5243   mail


The SA Navy acquired its first submarines in the early seventies – three Daphne Class boats built in France. These were operated with great success until the late nineties when their maintenance became more difficult due to age. With the acquisition of the Type 209s, the Daphnes were withdrawn from service and disposed of by scrapping. The last to decommission was SAS Assegaai on 23 November 2003.  

SAS Assegaai was commissioned as SAS Johanna van der Merwe in 1972 under the command of then Lt Cdr Theo Honiball. She is 57.8m long with a beam of 6.8m and a surface displacement of 870t and 1045t when dived. She carried a complement of 6 officers and 45 crew members. With 12 x 550mm torpedo tubes, she could also carry sea mines.  She was renamed SAS Assegaai in the late nineties  

Through the efforts of a small group of serving and retired members, the SA Navy agreed to keep her as a museum exhibit on condition that these enthusiasts funded her preservation and display as an exhibit ashore. In order to achieve this Assegaai has been converted into a floating museum in Simon’s Town harbour for a period not exceeding two years in order to raise the necessary funds from public donations. The ultimate aim is to promote technology and the sciences amongst the youth through visits and projects aboard.  

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press enquiries can be addressed to Arne Söderlund  or 082 807 8073   SAS Assegaai on-board enquiries – 021 787 5267