The Rotary Stanford Swop Shop is a roaring success! From taking 350 units (1 ‘Checkers’ plastic bag filled with recyclables) at the first session to over 1000 at the last two sessions, we know that this project is being well supported by the Stanford South, Tembelihle and Die Kop communities. The areas south of the Community Hall are looking very much cleaner and plastics, glass and tins are becoming rarer and also tradeable commodities.
At this stage help is needed in various ways to keep this project rolling every week – Alternate Wednesdays at Die Stoor at the Community Hall, and alternate Thursdays at Rainbow Trust premises at Die Kop. To keep stocks up we are looking for assistance in collecting, sorting and re-stocking the shops. Rotary have access to second hand clothing and a small budget to purchase new stationery.
As Project Leader, I am going to try a system of rewarding people from the Stanford South, etc. communities, who work in the shops on Swop Shop days with either an item of their choice or tickets in exchange for their time so that we have a rotating team to assist us.

Please let me know if you would be able to assist with a few hours of your time per month. If you know of new people in the village who might help, please pass on this email to them. Many thanks.

Warm regards
Project Leader
Rotary Stanford Swop Shop