Rob KampersHats off to Rob Campers of Fish Hoek

Rob Kampers of Carmichael Road in Fish Hoek set a fine and admirable example to all residents in the Scenic South and beyond on Saturday morning 31 March 2012. Not content to leave the cascade of little rocks and stones that had been swept down from a dug-up stretch of Carmichael Road lying strewn over the 4-way intersection at the top of Quarry Road, he got stuck in with his broom and swept them all up, carting them in a small bucket back up to where they had come from, filling in a deep hole that had subsided in the road.

The upper section of Carmichael Road is Carmichael Road patch up. Chapman's Peak in the backgroundconstantly in a state of repair (disrepair?). Over the past several years the road has been dug up on numerous occasions in order to fix burst waterpipes and sections of road have been tarred and re-tarred repeatedly. However, the big stretch of dug up area as shown in the photograph has been untarred for a number of weeks and the heavy downpours Thursday 29 March caused much of the soil and stones to wash away and a number of potholes to deepen.

Rob modestly gave credit to the Risi View Neighbourhood Watch for his actions, claiming that this is exactly what neighbourhood watch members do. Not so, Rob! Most of us wait for Council to do something about situations like the one you attended to. Thank you for your good neighbourliness and your inspiring sense of social responsibility. You set an example to us all.


Rob Kampers showing good neighbourliness in Fish HoekBig 'gaaitjies' (potholes) in Carmichael Road, Fish Hoek