If you enjoy the bitingly satirical songs written by Noel Coward and Cole Porter in the 1930’s, then take yourself off to the Kalk Bay Theatre.

There you can enjoy a ‘’romp’’ with four hands and two pianos played and sung with great skill and versatility by Godfrey Johnson, and Roland Perold.

The speed and difficult rhythms of the Coward songs in particular, were executed with precision by these two very talented musicians.  Because of the angle of the seating in the theatre , I would have preferred to see the two pianos in a ‘’V’’ shape facing the audience so that all sections of the audience could see the faces of both musicians , instead of them facing each other, which would also have enhanced the sound carrying into the audience a lot better.

Nevertheless you will be entertained by their rendition of many old favourites which will make you smile!  

Take yourself to the Kalk Bay Theatre where the show is running until 24th March

Sue Bolton

For more info about the show see: http://scenicsouth.co.za//2012/02/coward-cole-at-kalk-bay-theatre-with-godfrey-johnson-roland-perold/

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