Friday night saw us at the intimate and eclectic Kalk Bay Theatre to see a production of Au Revoir.  Kalk Bay theatre is a great venue that  showcases local talent and Au Revoir is just such a show.  

Au Revoir is billed as a cirque-comedy-dance extravaganza that will stimulate the senses with hints of burlesque, a little steampunk, sensual acrobatics, quirky dance bits, outrageous physical comedy and dynamic vocals. And Au Revoir delivers all that and a whole lot more.

Be prepared to be entertained with a whole lot of energy, many contrasts, lots of laughter and a touch of risqué innuendo!  The dancing is performed with effortless precision and grace.  The singing invites you in and you can’t help getting caught up in the passionate energy and having a whole lot of fun!

What stood out for me was an extremely good balance between the masculine and feminine on a physical level – particularly in the dancing. The show is also held and contained extremely well by the experience and maturity of Ash Searle.  He brings a level of performance that feels very grounded while creating magic for the audience.  This also creates a space for the rest of the cast to deliver magical performances themselves.

A special note needs to be made of Liam McDermott – his rendition of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen was very powerful – all the more poignant with the death of Leonard Cohen the day before.  This is a talent to watch – he is going places!

The show is running until the 31st December.  Do yourself a favour and make a booking – this is a fantastic evening out – a great way to escape reality for a little bit and have a whole lot of fun while doing it!


Kim Cassidy lives in Fish Hoek with her family.  Her purpose in life is to have some fun while working as a healer!! She works as a Neurofeedback Practitioner at The Brain Trainer with rooms in Westlake Business Park and in Sunnydale.  She also writes blogs and newsletters for various small businesses.