In my original request for help I said I wanted to raise R10,000 for Guide Dogs, in order to cover the cost of bringing Shyann into my life.  Because of you all I have had to raise the bar. I have already raised nearly R40,000 and my new dream is to raise R50,000 in total – that means I have to raise another R10,000+ in the next month, as the raffle closes on 12 November

So if you promised to buy tickets and then got waylaid by life – now’s the time.  If you haven’t yet forwarded the appeal on to your friends – now’s the time.  (Eds Comment: Each R10 000 pays for a trained companion dog to help and enrich the life of someone who depends on man’s best friend. )

Please email me, Dawn  (or Shyann ) for banking details, and I will email you back your ticket numbers.  I have 500 new tickets sitting on my desk waiting for you, your friends and family, to buy them.

Thank you all so much for the amazing support you have given me. Click here to read the wonderful story of how Shyann has enriched Dawn’s life.

Dawn and Shyann