Report on Energy Workshop: 19 March, 2015 hosted by Bantamsklip Organisation at the Birkenhead Breweries, Stanford

A number of representatives from various local organisations from Stanford in the Overberg met to discuss the present energy crisis as experienced by local residents and organisations and to explore various options to mitigate the effects of this crisis and develop solutions for our local community and its economy. It would seem that the establishment of a Stanford Energy Cooperative would be a possible way to move forward.

Read full report here: Stanford Energy Workshop Report Final-1

Bantamsklip Organisation (an offshoot of Save Bantamsklip) is a registered association (NPO) of individuals, civic organizations and communities united in the belief that the proposed siting of a nuclear power plant on the farm “Groot Hagelkraal” at Bantamsklip on the South-Western Cape’s Overberg coast is inappropriate and ill-advised.

Our strategy is to marshal support for our position locally and nationally and to demonstrate through research and public awareness that the building of such a facility will permanently damage the environmental, economic and social future of this region.

Bantamsklip Organisation

As part of this strategy we also embarked on a process of accelerating the adoption of renewable energy by local communities in the Overberg District. In this way we illustrate that nuclear power is not practical, it is not affordable and that it will be damaging to our region.