There has been a considerable backlash against the cell phone mast at Valyland.


We have spent some time trying to find out if the correct procedures were followed and it would appear that they were. However, many residents are unhappy and we have been asked to call a public meeting.


In a letter to the responsible City Directorate, the FHVRRA has objected to this mast – stressing the  proximity of the Nerina Old Age Home and schools, also that the location selected for this mast does not conform to the City’s prescription for “sensitive siting, design and location”.


We have arranged for a Public Meeting to be held on Wednesday 17th April at 19h30 in the Main Hall – Civic Centre. Posters have been printed for display around town. All are welcome.


We have invited our Ward Councillors and relevant council officials.


Janet Holwill

FHVRRA chairperson