Hi Everyone
I’m writing to anyone I think could help with this. If you could spread the word to anyone who may be interested please do. Many thanks.
Shan Fischer
CAPRI VILLAGE (off Kommetjie Rd)
So it seems developers want to ruin our beautiful Capri village…
This NEMA basic assessment sign was put up on Friday across the road from my house in Corsica Ave. If you know the road, you’ll know there is a large empty plot there. I like this large empty plot and would love to keep it empty.
As far as I know it is zoned single-residential!
Developers want to build a retirement village of 116 units.
Besides the environmental issues, we already have a huge problem with the amount of traffic on Kommetjie road and the where we all meet up at the four way traffic light. Can you imagine adding another 200+ cars into the mix?! There is also only one exit/entry into Capri. I for one like this and don’t want it to change or become to congested.
Not to mention there is a retirement village across the road and one up the hill. We don’t need another one and certainly not in our village.
PLEASE can you register and send your comments in to:
KHULA Environmental Consultants c/o
Nick Steytler
Tel: 082 322 4074
Fax: 086 6946901
BEFORE 8 March 2014
Help us fight this.
They need to do a environmental assessment. We also need to force them to do a full Traffic assessment.
Capri Development. Image submitted