It may seem that the two public meetings held in Fish Hoek last year concerning speed control on and other matters relating to Kommetjie Road did not bring about much change besides the construction of the overhead traffic lights at Quarry Rd and 17th Avenue, but processes are being duly followed behind the scenes. Below is a letter that I wrote to our councillors and City officials on the 8 Feb 2012 requesting an update regarding the proposed measures to be taken, as minuted at the 2nd meeting in August 2011. My comments are in red. The responses from Sean Glass, Head of the City’s Transport Network Development, follow in blue.


The following stats were received  on request for accidents on Kommetjie Road that were attended to by CMR over the past three months

We attended to the following MVA’s on Kommetjie Rd between Fish Hoek Circle and Kommetjie.


·         08/11/2011 – CNR Kommetjie Rd & Fish Eagle Park

·         08/11/2011 – CNR Kommetjie Rd & 17th Ave

·         24/11/2011 – CNR Kommetjie Rd 7 Fish Eagle Park


·         01/12/2011 – Kommetjie Rd, Fish Hoek Circle

·         05/12/2011 – Kommetjie Rd – no exact location listed

·         08/12/2011 – CNR Kommetjie Rd & Quarry Rd

·         09/12/2011 – CNR Kommetjie Rd & Lekkerwater Rd

·         10/12/2011 – CNR Kommetjie Rd & Wireless Rd

·         19/12/2011 – CNR Kommetjie Rd & Slangkop Rd

·         19/12/2011 – Kommetjie Rd outside house #152

·         24/12/2011 – CNR Kommetjie Rd & Masiphumelele Entrance


·         18/01/2012 – CNR Kommetjie Rd & Masiphumelele Entrance

·         28/01/2012 – Kommetjie Rd & Simons Town Rd (Fish Hoek Circle)

According to the latest FHVRRA newsletter the following two Kommetjie Road issues have been dealt with. I have highlighted in red the comments made and minuted in each regard at our 2nd Kommetjie Rd public meeting and have included all the other issues that were not mentioned in the newsletter. Please would you comment on progress with regard to each of these.
(For the full minutes see

1.   Kommetjie Road/Riverside Road: The design for the new traffic signal was completed and approved in 2011. The intention is to begin implementation in the first quarter of 2012 and the Council is on track with this.

1…..The good news is that there will be funding before the end of the year to erect a traffic light at Riverside. Planning will go ahead while awaiting budget approval. The light should be in by Feb. 2012. Action: SG Please comment on progress in this regard. We still intend to begin with the work in this quarter.  Some minor civil engineering work must precede the installation of the traffic signal itself.  The civil and signal work will be undertaken by different contractors.  It is possible that the signal will not be commissioned within the first quarter but shortly thereafter.

2. Kommetjie road markings and islands: A design has been completed for this work. The Transport Network Development Dept. wish to present this design to a small group of local interested parties in a type of peer review before implementation.

…Part of the Management Plan was to use road markings to narrow the road and thereby restrict drivers’ sense of freedom which leads them to drive fast. Operating funds are available to remark the entire length of Kommetjie Rd. Additional right turn lanes and medians will be introducedRe-marking should begin the week of 8 August. Action: SG That was August 2011. When and where will the design be presented and when implemented? As previously advised, I undertook to begin the design of the roadmarking project in August, which we did.  This design is to be presented on Monday 13th for review by our department’s non-motorised transport specialists and then to a public grouping within two weeks from Monday.  I am presently arranging that meeting.  It will not be a large group as it is intended to be a detailed working meeting.  I intend to invite the members of the subcouncil, representatives from the ratepayers’ association and Scenic South, former Clr Holderness and a cycling advocate from the local community (still to be identified).

Two locations for raised curbed medians have been identified: at the intersections at 13th and 16th Avenues. On the remaining medians substantial road studs will placed, all depending on the availability of funds. The worst locations will be dealt with first. When will the funds be available for constructing the medians at 13th and 16th avenues? It is possible that we will be able to implement these in the current financial year as some savings are becoming evident on other projects.

Please would you update us on the following issues, also taken from the minutes:

Speed cameras: Fixed speed cameras at 17th Ave and Quarry Rd intersections will hopefully be installed within the next 4 months. These will have the dual function of speed control and the monitoring of red light jumping eastwards and westwards along Kommetjie Rd. Action:  AN. The four month period came to an end at the end of Dec.  Please send someone to sit unobtrusively at the bottom of Quarry Rd to check just how many motorists drive through the red robot without even slowing down. It defies belief – the cameras need to be installed. Income from the fines will surely pay for some of the other measures to be implemented. Application was made to the Director of Public Prosecutions in 2011 but the Traffic Services Department is regrettably still waiting for the director’s approval to proceed.  Traffic Services are following up regularly.  The delay is not specific to Kommetjie Road.

Private initiative: There was a proposal  re  supplementing the services of our local police, traffic officers and police forums with a private initiative. This has been referred to senior management in the City. If the City cannot provide the funds necessary, private funding will be looked at. Action: JP Smith .

Removal of parking bays and electricity boxes: A comment was made at our July meeting that occupied parking bays  obscure vision of oncoming traffic on Kommetjie Rd with particular mention of the 14th Ave intersection. (A resident subsequent to the meeting to again request the removal of the electricity boxes obscuring vision at 13th and 14th Avenues. Action: City. Please comment. The road marking plan requires the removal of certain parking bays and this matter is being addressed as part of the plan.

3.  Access to Kommetjie Rd from 20th Ave from the sports fields is cause for concern…with residents  trying to double back into Kommetjie Rd to get to their homes between 20th Ave and Riverside road on the valley side of Kommetjie Rd and other entering Kommetjie Rd from the road to the sportsfields. This is indeed a very confusing intersection, with some drivers entering the Kommetjie bound lane via the right lane of the island and others on the left.  This will be addressed as far as possible in the road marking plan.  Markings can be proposed to regulate movement through the gap in the median.

Pedestrian Crossings: 3. Mr Hacking: I am very relieved that after 13 yrs of doing nothing, something is being proposed, but I think this is inadequate. When are you going to put traffic lights to facilitate pedestrian crossings at 13th Ave?

Eva van Belle: One should be placed near 13th Ave as this road provides access to the schools, Valyland and the vet.

NH:  The Traffic plan of 2002 indicated a problem at 13thAve and the need for traffic signals here.  As reported at the last public meeting, traffic signals cannot be justified at 13th Avenue at this point in time.

Uga Carlini: The pedestrian crossing at 17th Ave needs lines painted on it as the tramlines are not seen to demarcate a pedestrian crossing.  Block pedestrian crossing are to be marked as part of the overall road marking plan.

(Subsequent to the meeting a request was made by Lawrie Mabin that a pedestrian crossing be placed outside Zip Print to service those using the parking lot next to the NG Kerk and the shops and medical centre on the opposite side. This request has been submitted to SG) Action: SG  This matter is being addressed as part of the road marking plan.

Second access road into Masiphumelele: In times of emergency there is congestion on Pokela Rd rendering Masi inaccessible. Trucks cannot reach building sites inside Masi because of the narrowness of the roads. Taxis are a big problem. It would be good to divert some of the taxis in another direction- another access road on the west side of Masi would go a long way to alleviating the pressure on Kommetjie Rd. …Masi is growing and the problem of road congestion will not go away.

NH: This matter should be referred to and be taken on by the Sub-council as a project. Action: Sub-council.

Interim by-pass scheme: Steve Perrit: There are 2 by-pass schemes – the official one and the interim bypass which would run from behind the police station, down Carlton Rd, behind Peers Village, along the back of the sports fields meeting up with Kommetjie Rd at the Sun Valley traffic lights. The official by-pass will never happen. The interim bypass would alleviate the nightmare of Main Rd and Kommetjie Rd and is feasible.

NH: Council must look at the interim by-pass scheme. Action: Sub-council.

As yet I have not had a response with regard to the issues to be dealt with by Sub-council and the City Traffic Dept. As soon as I receive their comments I will post them beneath this article.