The Enlighten Education Trust was registered in September 2002 with the mission of “improving the quality of teaching, learning and life in the Overstrand”.   The Trust is a registered Public Benefit Organisation with Tax Exemption and is registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organisation.  The Trust has 10 years of audited annual financial statements. The Trust celebrated its 10th year as a credible and reliable educational NGO in the Overstrand recently.


The Enlighten Education Trust was established with a view to addressing many of the problems in the Overstrand region.  This is an area which has become an attractive destination for thousands of migrants from the Eastern Cape Province hoping for jobs, for a better quality of life and a better education for their children.

Over the past 11 years, there has been huge growth and expansion in the work of the Enlighten Education Trust. From an initial 2 projects and 7 schools, we now implement 17 projects in 22 schools.  The Trust benefits approximately 500 teachers and 9000 learners. We have embarked on an Early Childhood Development project where we aim to upgrade 14 edu-care centres in the Overstrand. 10 home-based sites in Zwelihle are being visited on a weekly basis.


The core business of the Enlighten Education Trust is the training and upgrading of teachers. Although formal workshops and training events are an important part of this, our focus is on the training and support of teachers in their own classrooms.  Our experience has shown that unless the implementation of training is monitored and supported in the classrooms in which teachers teach, no sustainable change takes place. All interventions in the schools are undertaken in collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Education (Overberg Education District – OED)) and are aligned with the requirements of the National Curriculum Statement. A MoU with the OED was signed recently.


  • Early Childhood Development
  • Curriculum Interventions:
    • Numeracy/Mathematics
    • Science
    • Literacy/Languages, Dramatic Arts
    • Arts and culture (Music, Pottery, Puppetry, Art and Craft)
    • Science/Technology
    • Subject tutoring for Grade 10-12
  • Social Projects:
    • School Counseling
  • Enrichment Program for Foundation Phase learners
  • Management of the Overstrand Junior Town Council
  • Big Vision – Language and Numeracy Computer Laboratory, plus Mobile Computer Unit
    • IT skills
    • CAMI Literacy and numeracy software programs
    • Perceptual skills programs for Grade R
  • Brombacher & Associates Mathematics/Numeracy Project – Cape Town
  • Alex Bury Reference Library and Alex Bury Mobile Unit – The promotion of Literacy
  • ROBOTICS – We Do and Mind Storm – Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase

Enlighten facilitators provide in-service curriculum support and assistance to teachers through working alongside the teachers.  This includes the improvement of general teaching skills, classroom management, and filling the gaps in content knowledge in the learning areas of math, literacy, language, science, arts and culture, and technology.

 Target groups:  Facilitators work in all phases – Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phases. Foundation Phase support has become the focus area as we streamlined our approach during the past two years.


Enlighten Staff is made up of a minimum number of full-time staff (5) and a further 30 part-time staff. Volunteers assist in the Alex Bury Library from time to time.


P O Box 794                                                                      

Hermanus, 7200

Republic of South Africa

Tel:  +27 (0)28 313 0974

FAX: +27 (0)28 3122431