Bev Simpson Hurst – Photographer 
By Janis Theron

If you click on the Facebook page called Cape Town’s Deep South, you may never want to leave it. For here you will find unforgettable images that reflect the environment of the scenic Southern Peninsula. Home to those who seem to really care about where they live. If you click on the Facebook page Cape Town’s Deep South, you will meet Bev Simpson Hurst, lover of all things natural and all things that make a great picture.

The start of a new Facebook Page in the Scenic South
“When I started the Group, Cape Town’s Deep South, I had no idea it would take off the way it has,” muses Bev. “This Closed Group is where members share our magical part of the world, pictures and memories. Anyone is welcome to add photographs of the area (then and now), stories, and anecdotes.” She depicts our scenic south very aptly on this Facebook page.


But the best photographs of all are those that Bev takes, works of art that record the daily moods in the landscapes, weather and environment of the Deep South or the Southern Peninsula. She chooses to photograph all things natural because it is her favourite subject “especially when capturing waves and it bodes well with my Facebook Group and Page. It brings those who are not fortunate to see what we see daily a little closer to home,” explains Bev. “One of the main features of my group and page is that I post daily – members like to see what happens day-to-day.”

And it is certainly not only the weather that changes dramatically every day in the deep South – it is also the tides, the seasons, the whale sightings, the rainbows, the wind and the reaction to all of this by the residents. It is not surprising therefore that the Cape Town’s Deep South membership list grew at an alarming rate and Bev was forced to call on her friend, Captain Glen Knox, to help her to administer the group.

“Without his valued assistance, I would not cope. Glen more than adequately manages the group ( while I manage the Cape Town’s Deep South Public Page which is used as my Personal Website (

Of waves and tides, winds and sunrises
So how does Bev decide where to go to get her amazing photographs? She watches the weather of course! She also watches the ever-changing tides and swells, her favourite subject matter. “I usually opt for high tide because of my interest in wave photography. If there is wispy cloud formation during the day chances are that sunset will be dramatic.”


And she should know. Bev is a real ‘Capey’, having grown up in Clovelly. She attended Kalk Bay Primary School and now lives in Fish Hoek. Bev also attended Hottentots Holland High School across the bay in Somerset West which enhances her knowledge of the entire False Bay region. Today, Bev spends her days taking care of her family, her two rescue dogs and her home.

When she is not walking on the beach, Bev can be found sewing, taking photographs and editing. What a life! And we can all share this with her when we stare with awe at her daily representations of life on the Southern Peninsula.

A homemaker with an eye for images
Bev calls herself a homemaker who loves sewing clothing and home décor as a hobby and who is married with a grown up daughter who lives in Johannesburg. In her spare time, Bev chooses to watch photography videos which teach her more about her passion, especially how to improve capturing images and editing them.

This passion and skill for photography all started six years ago, according to Bev. When she joined Facebook and connected with an old friend who happens to be a professional photographer, she realised that she had an innate talent.

“After viewing photos on my timeline which I posted daily after my walks along the beach, my friend mentioned that I have a good eye for photography and quite often see things that others would not notice. He mentioned that I am able to turn a dull landscape into something bright and beautiful with my creativity. With guidance from my friend I progressed.”

Bev then spent many hours on the ‘net looking at images by professional photographers and when an image caught her eye, she studied it until she found what attracted her to it in the first place.

Buy your own photograph of the Scenic South
To date, Bev has a collection of thousands of photographs, some of which have been sold. Her plan is to continue selling images. “The environment changes and it is great to have a collection of images to look back on once things have changed.” Bev urges people to protect and respect their beautiful environment. Life on the Southern Peninsula makes her happy because she is so close to the beauty surrounding her.

Bev’s favourite parts of Cape Town are (surprise surprise) Long Beach in Kommetjie and Fish Hoek Beach. “My day is not done if I don’t see the ocean, a tonic to my soul.” Her other passion is to ensure that her family is happy and secure, a great mother figure she is. But, above all, Bev says she is a “fun loving true Aries who tries to see the good in most things.”


Come on, take a peep at Bev’s photographs on Cape Town’s Deep South Facebook group page – you will be hooked just like I am.

Janis Theron is a freelance writer who writes for Scenic South